In the distant past a group of horses of unknown origin arrived on a mysterious island. Over time their numbers grew. Occasional others would arrive by one means or another until both their numbers and diversity were vast and the population was scattered throughout the large island. Dynasties rose and fell, legends were born and forgotten, time passed without record. The Lost have been here so long that not even one great, great grandchild of the first ones remains alive. The island remembers all who have called it home, but today a new generation enters the spotlight ready to write their stories on the pages of a very old book.

Welcome to Island of the Lost. This is a simple multi-species RPG based on the memory of a game that is now more than 17 years old. Island of the Lost Horses, as the original game was called, will never truly live again. In those days we framed our character's speech with tildes and asterisks, and punctuated with emoticons. Still, for many of us a love affair with reading, writing, and imagination began there and continues today in a myriad of text based horse RPGs across the internet. Island of the Lost hopes to harken back to simpler time, whilst employing the eloquence of our more modern play style. Please join us in rekindling the joy of role play.


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10/18/15 - The Halloween Event is up, this will be a writing prompt roleplay event and will run until November 18th.

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10/8/15 - New playable species added today! Wolves and specials. Specials can be just about anything. Check out the new rules for more information. Also, I figured out that I can enable BB code on our boards! You will notice the change when trying to post. Don't worry, we HTML lovers can still use our code to post, the boards are now capable of using both.

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