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IOTL is not a game with a lot of rules. By now, most of this should be common sense. I, Wake, reserve the right to create new rules if and when I see fit.


1. Prior to playing, you must post on the joining board. Include the information outlined on that board.

2. Be nice to each other OOC. Spare all of us the drama.

3. No two characters can have the same name. Names cannot be reserved on IOTL.

4. Powerplay is only allowed in Traitor's Bay, per the rules outlined on that board.

5. As of October 8th, 2015 horses and coastal wolves and 'specials' are playable on IOTL. For an explanation for what qualifies as a "special", please see that section of the rules.

6. As of October 12th, 2015 IotL has an absoloute minimum word count of 250 words, with a suggested regular minimum of 300 words per post. This is changing from our original 'no minimum with a suggestion of 250'. All posts from this point forward must contain a minimum of 250 words.

7. You do not have to wait to be accepted after joining.

8. If you feel something should be added to the rules, please discuss this with Wake.

Basic Character Information

1. Characters can be descended from the original occupants of the island, or be new blood. This allows you to really create any history you want, and make up some creative twists on how they came to be on the island.

2. If you were an original or past member of one of the Island of The Lost Horses games, you will not be able to rejoin any characters from the past on this game. I apologize, but this game is set well after all of those old characters lived. Also, this will prevent any impersonations.

Males & Females

1. Mares and stallions, males and females, are essentially equal on IOTL.

2. There will be no 'official' bachelor or amazon regions. If you want to wander about with a group of your blokes or ladies, go ahead, you just aren't going to hold a region long term.

3. Most horses mature in breedable adults at 3, there will be exceptions to this, but please keep it occasionally. Wolves will mature at 2. Specials will mature according to their species and at their player's discretion.

4. Force claiming can only happen in Traitor's Bay if a horse, wolf, or special does not already have a home and would count as a post's power play.


1. Castle Crags is presently the Royal Equine region, it cannot be challenged for, and serves as a kind of haven for all who would like to call it home.

2. The wolves have no royal region or house at this time.

3. Anyone can claim a region, but leaders will be required to post once per week within their region.

4. At this time, there will be no rankings within regions except those of the leaders, of which there can be no more than two of either gender.

5. No more than 2 characters per player can hold a lead position in a region. If I find that people are abusing this concession, it will be limited to one lead position per player.


1. Regions may be challenged for once per 20 days.

2. Characters may be challenged for once per 10 days.

3. If after 5 days no response is made to a challenge the challengee is in default and automatically loses.

4. Please see Battle Stones for further information.


1. Breeding cannot occur until the age of 3.

2. The **LOVE FAIRY** will decide infant stats.

3. Force breeding is only allowed in Traitor's Cove.

Traitor's Bay

1. Anything can happen in Traitor's Bay, if you are no prepared to work the power play allowance into your gameplay it would be best not to post here.

2. Please see the board for further information.


1. The wolves of IotL are small coastal wolves like those found along the rocky coasts of British Columbia. To read more about the wolfy inspiration for IOTL's wolves, click here.

2. Since we have created a somewhat ambiguous "coastal wolf", you may be very flexible with your character's appearance and build. Just remember that these are smaller wolves built for living off of the coastal bounty, and not for bringing down elk or horses.

3. Wolves only live on the regions designated to them. For now, only on the peninsula known as Seawolf Point.


1. Only one joined special per player will be allowed at a time.

2. Specials may be any non-Equine, non-Canis Lupus species that currently exists. For example you may have your special be a Puma, but not a Smilodon.

3. Specials will abide by all the same rules as horses and wolves, meaning specials may challenge, steal, etc.

4. Specials cannot be the leaders of regions.

5. In the event that two specials reproduce, the union will never bear more than two offspring. Players must be found for these characters if the players of the parents do not wish to keep them. At this time there is no limit on these kinds of specials.