The following is a description of the island and its regions. Please note that the areas in white with little gray dots are currently not in play and will be added at a later date.

Main Social Areas

Shoreline: The 'main' beach. Most newcomers arrive on this shore, but it is also the only beach that is readily open to anyone who wants to wander there.

Timeless Hills: This hilly area borders Silver Horse Lake on one side, giving way to a prairie and the shoreline on the other side. The hills are high and deep, and the grass and other plants tall. This is an area that can be dangerous for the unwary.

Silver Horse Lake:Accessible from all the surrounding areas the lake was once part of its own region but the waters have risen over the years and now that former region is submerged.

The Willow: Also known as 'the willows' the small island in the center of Silver Horse Lake is regarded by most as a sacred place of quiet and reflection. On rare occasions this may be the site of miraculous occurrences.

The following are also considered social areas, in that on IotL roleplay is primary and the judging of fights, provision of stats is secondary. You may use these boards to roleplay as well as to take care of operational things like challenges and foal stat requests.

Lover's Vale: A meadow in the forest near the lake, very secluded. A place known for romantic rendezvous.

Battle Stones: A shallow canyon containing a ring of rubble where challenges and sparring matches often take place.

Traitor's Bay: The most dangerous place on the island. This bay is subject complete flooding in high tide by forceful waves that will crush and drown. Even when the tide is low or out, dark deeds are usually afoot here.


Castle Crags: A mountainous region, this is the royal region, occupied by Queen Amarante. Though this large area is not entirely rocky, the region is known predominantly for the massive craggy peaks that crown it.

Sunset Strand: The western side of the island sees incredible sunsets, hence the name. This is the calmest beach on the entire island and is good for swimming. A copse of spindly trees borders the area and provides shade.

Driftwood Bight: This region is made up of a small bay. Trees grow up out of the sand and driftwood litters the area. Sea mammal are frequently seen on this shore.

Snapdragon Thicket: A hardwood forest once stood here, but most of the trees were burned out by a fire almost a decade ago. Now bright blue snap dragons grow up among the young trees and blackened stumps.

Bramble Beach: This beach is all but overgrown by manzanita and other brambly bushes, including blackberries. Large rock formations divide this region from the main Shoreline.

Lost Horse Falls: In the early days of the island's occupation these falls were the seat of the royal house. Abandoned for the crags several generations ago, this is still a beautiful area where the massive falls that feed Silver Horse Lake are ever flowing.

The Salt Meadow: The freshwater creek joins the sea in a marshy area along the coast. The creek breaks up into a dozen smaller branches as it attempts to mingle with the sea.

Seawolf Point: This rough and windy peninsula extends out into the sea. The beaches are extremely rocky, and the high tides make them risky to the unwary. The coastal wolves inhabit the peninsula, and though they are no threat to adult horses most steer clear of the regions here.

Eclipse Forest: The forest in which this region lies actually extends from Castle Crags to Sea Wolf Point. The region itself is centered around the creek which runs south toward The Salt Meadow.

Wildflower Ridge: Once a large and popular region, the ridge suffered greatly when an earthquake collapsed part of its southern half into the sea—forming Traitors Bay. Still, the area is beautiful and verdant with wildflower blooms in every season but winter.

Deepstone Terrace:Steep and rocky, the terrace is home to caves and the small waterfalls of the creek as it flows toward the ridge.

Waterbear Spring: There are no bears on the island, so no one knows how the spring got it's name. A kind of oasis in the cliffs above The Sand Sea, the brush here is thick and the terrain rocky. A pool of cool clear water is fed by the spring.

Shy Canyon: A wooded canyon running between the mountainous Crags and the rocky Terrace, this area is known for its excellent cover. If one doesn't wish to be found here, the likely won't be.

The Sand Sea: Despite its appearance, this region is not a desert. Large dunes cover the area, but trees and grazing can be found throughout, especially in the shadow of the cliff face below Waterbear Spring.